Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

It’s a radiator that installed in the rooms or the restroom 

and these radiators are associated with a central boiler through an external pipes network 

so the central boiler has two jobs: – 

– the first thing, the water is warmed by natural gas 

– And the second thing is that through the pipes that are installed in it comes out of it heat to warm the rooms or the bathroom or whatever other spot where there is a radiator 

And also it works through natural gas

  •  the first one by radiators :

and it’s by room radiators and towel radiators for bathroom.
 and we use in it the special pipe network made in Italy from polyethylene .
also the pipe network connected with manifold control panel and this manifold distribute hot water to each radiators.
the manifold control panel connected with boilers to get hot water for radiators.
This system can get domestic hot water to kitchen and bathroom as well radiators and it’s very efficient and provides more comfortable.

  • The second option :
    Underfloor heating and it’s use also by polyethylene pipe and it’s distribute the temperature for all home in one level and it’s not appear because it’s under ground and can use on it porcelain, HDF ,… any type of floor .
    Also this system connected with boilers .
    Every place have room thermostat to can control temperature at every room separate.

Sure we can install it, we just will make some modifications that our engineer will find suitable for your home

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